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No spoilers I think....

but I will leave

some space

just in case

In honor of JMS apparent determination to drive himself crazy, break 
every scriptwriting record known to humankind and to give us the best 
dang show on television... I have composed the following ode:

Ode to the Great Maker

There once was a man named Joe
whose sanity he did blow
When he sat at a desk
(the word is obsessed)
to write an entire show

Now his disciples all stood in alarm
in fear he would do himself harm
they asked and they asked
(they posted on r.a.s.t)
if he would stop plauging the Narn

or if Londo would survive the night
or the White Star exploded in flight
speculations abounded
we all stood astounded
as the Great Maker continued to write

episode passed episode galore
and the fans just never were sure
if there was an end
to this remarkable trend
or if Joe would write all season four

But the answer was always no
it would go as he said it would go
But they say no other pen
wrote for B-5 again
because of a man named Joe.

					K. Hagopian

PS:  We love ya JMS!  


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