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Let me start by saying that B5 is my wife's and my favorite show currently
in production.  I'm a hard-core trekker, but I enjoy the greater depth in
B5 than in 
DS9 or ST:V.  I have a behind-the-scenes marketing question.

I read or heard somewhere that the shows are shot in letterboxed format so
the videos can be offered in that format after the 5-year run is over. 
This thrills me
as I really enjoy the 'big screen' feeling and seeing action on the
peripheral parts of
the screen.  Could you confirm this?  If it isn't true, could you pass
along my interest to the WB powers-that-be that there's a fan willing to
pour out big bucks for
widescreened video versions?  They offer duplicate formats for all the
Trek movies
and the Star Wars films; I think it'd be a good idea for B5 too.  Thanks.

Len (LCRoo1)


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Yes, we shoot widescreen, and hope to release in that form eventually.


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