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Subject: ATTN JMS: how we spend Saturday evenings
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Dear JMS,

I've been a fan of B5 since the pilot episode four years ago.  Well, I 
really got excited about it whilst reading the Starlog article back in 
'92.  It's the only show on television that I watch regularly, and the 
only show I've really enjoyed telling my friends about.

Every Saturday night throughout this past semester, there has been a core 
group of friends that comes over to my apartment on Saturday nights so 
that we can all watch Babylon 5 together (our school doesn't carry the 
local station with B5 on its cable system, so unless you're off campus 
you're out of luck).  Babylon 5 has presented something enjoyable that we 
can share together and talk about, and think about.  A week just ain't a 
week without everyone gathering around eating pizza and watching the 
show.  And more folks are starting to show up!

We're each enjoying the show for different reasons.  One guy is a 
political science major and loves the intrigue (especially the Centauri 
storyline).  Another is a computer-sci major and really gets a kick out 
of the awesome CGI effects.  Another is about to attend seminary and 
appreciates how religion is treated on the show.  As a history major, I'm 
enjoying finding the references and allusions that appear throughout.  
And we all think that B5 is the most intellectually stimulating show that 
American television has produced.

Guess what I'm trying to say, Joe, is thank you for giving us a show that 
we can really enjoy together, as well as one that encourages us to think 
for ourselves when most of the media would rather do the thinking for 
us.  Keep up the great work!

	Chris Knight
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From: root at
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You can still eat while watching B5?  Of late, I've found that 

(aka dheins at


From: jmsatb5 at
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Thanks.  I'm happy that the show can provide a bridge between so many
diverse and interesting people.  It makes the efforth worthwhile.


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