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This Thanksgiving Sunday, from 2:30-4:30 p.m., there will be a B5
presentation at LosCon, an annual fan-run convention here in Los Angeles. 
LosCon was the very first convention to get behind B5 and support it, and
our appearance there every year is something that means a lot to all
involved.  It also tends to be the biggest event of each year's

For the first hour it'll be me, with clips from episodes as yet unaired,
the first pass at the season four bloopers (shown here for the first time,
still in rough form, some elements of which will be cut as we get further
along), a music video or two, and the like.  The second hour I'll be
joined by producer John Copeland (aka pigdog13 on AOL, frequent SF Vortex
guest, and resident Media Sex God), co-producer George Johnsen, and
conceptual consultant Harlan Ellison.  Peter Jurasik may make it by,
contingent upon family obligations, but that's unconfirmed.  We always try
and debut stuff there.

LosCon is a good sized (1,000 or so) fan-run convention that's been going
on here in LA for decades, and a great deal of fun.  This year it's taking
place at the Burbank Airport Hilton, just abaft from, well, Burbank

Because the B5 presentations are the biggest thing at each year's LosCon,
you may want to show up a bit early.


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