What's happening this season?

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Subject: What's happening this season?
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From: Deanna M Priest <D.M.Priest at URLabs.com>
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I have absolutely no intentions of asking you anything about the recent
chat conference, a four year arc, video tapes, plot spoilers, or any
unsubstantiated rumours whatsoever. I'd simply like to thank you for the
incredible job you've done on this season so far. The show is going so
much better than I could ever have hoped. I don't like all of it, (the
plot turns are giving me vertigo! :) but if you wrote to please me or
anybody else, the show would lose the very finesse that makes it great. 

Just thought you might welcome a message that you didn't have to defend
for a change! Thanks again to you and the staff. You guys are the best.



From: jmsatb5 at aol.com
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Deanna: thanks.  Your words are most kind, and eminently appreciated.


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