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Subject: ***ATTN JMS: Atonement***
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From: James Seigel <seigel at datanetix.com>
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Dear Sir,
	I just wanted to thank you (even though it is totally coincedence) for
having a new episode of B5 come out on my Birthday!!!  It would seem
that the air date for Atonement is on February 24!  

Okay...I know that is a pretty week excuse to write and thank you so I
guess you have found me out....I just wanted to write and thank you for
continuing to write this wonderful work!  

When thinking back after the 5 year arc has finished, people will
realize what a jewel your series is, stations that picked up some other
show in B5's place will be kicking themselves, and peoples thoughts will
never be the same. No longer will they be able to watch TV the same
way...  My hope is that other writers and directors notice what you have
done and what effect it has... Then we can only hope they realize that
"Real ENTERTAINMENT" takes good writing, planning, and consistency... If
not, you realize that we will *HAVE* to ask you to write more for TV,
and THEATRE, and you sleep will NEVER be the same.... PLEASE make sure
that your apprentices and colleagues see what you are doing and learn!! 
We will need you to stay otherwise...It also goes without saying that we
always will want you to stay!

Take Care....
James Seigel
seigel at datanetix.com
(member the canadian spoo farmers contingent)


From: jmsatb5 at aol.com
Lines: 9

Thanks...I really do think that this show will be around for a long, long


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