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(Do you believe me yet?)

Spoilereeeeee, spoilerooooooo, spoileraaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh... *whap* OUCH!

Okay, enough with the spoiler space already.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Londo's scenes in
"Falling Towards Apotheosis."  I've seen it several times since (that's
what VCRs are for) and even the third time through I had to stop the tape
at one point and yell, "Work him, Londo!  Work that psycho-boy!  Work him,
work him!!!" and laugh maniacally while imagining Cartagia's impending
death.  Fortunately my roommate is accustomed to such behavior on my part
and did not call any medical practitioners this time.  But I digress.  

The entire episode was amazing, of course, but being fond of Londo and
having spent most of season four chewing on the nails of my crossed
fingers over him... well... I really enjoyed watching him realize he had
to act NOW, and that action was MASTERFUL.  Damn, Londo was wasting his
abilities on weaseling drinks out of people during season one--he should
have been the Centauri Olivier!  Without your stating anything implicitly
I think I have a pretty good idea of what he has in mind (but am quite
cheerfully prepared to be wrong, of course). I only hope things work out
for him as I think he has planned.  *gnawing on fingernails again* These
scenes are a testiment to your abilities--and Mr. Jurasik's abilities--and
I wanted to pass along my congratulations.  This is amazing stuff!  I fear
I grow incoherent with admiration so I will get out of your virtual face
now.  :)  Thank you for a fantastic show! 

Katherine the Art Chick                 


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Thanks.  The Londo stuff is nice, and you do get a sense of the kind of
person he was before the empire began to slip, and his fortunes with it. 
He can definitely pull it out when he wants to.


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