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Just in case, a little spoiler space...


This week's top ten list
from the home office
on Narn:

JMS' Top 10 Pet Peeves (not really said by JMS, but inferred from a loyal,
yet somewhat fiendish fan):

10.	"Hey aren't you the guy that created that great SF,
	 it's really great to meet you Mr. Lucas!"

 9.	When southern fans refer to him as "Joe-Bob" Straczynski

 8.	Ted Turner wanting to "colorize" black and white B5 episode dream 
	sequences/flashbacks for when they are re-running on TNT.

 7.	Female fans desiring to have the great maker's...well...great maker!

 6.	When driving down the road, looks in rear view mirror and sees a 
	reflection of Kosh...only to discover a cast member has taped a picture
	of Kosh to his rear view.

 5.	WB constantly on the phone, demanding to have guest appearance on
	Babylon 5 by Pinky and the Brain (as the leaders of Psi Corps)

 4.	ATTN JMS: What's the combination of Sheridan's wall safe in episode...
	(variation of an old Sat. Night Live skit with Shatner...)		
 3.	Andreas Katsulas popping his "eye" out at him when he's eating lunch.

 2.	When asked at a fast food drive-thru: "ya want some FLARN with that?"

 1.	Dealing with obnoxious fans online who have nothing better to do with 
	their lives than to try to infer what his top ten pet peeves are!

Another Frederick Kier production.  Frederick Kier is an obnoxious 
Babylon 5 fan who has nothing better to do with his life than to try to 
infer what JMS' top ten pet peeves are when he's never even met the man 
(but if he did, he'd likely go and buy JMS the beverage of his choice).

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Speaking of the Lucas thing in your list (reasonably funny, btw)....

When I was in Orlando for Megacon, on Sunday, I didn't want to spend the
whole time in the hotel, so I went out and had a perfectly awful night
(it's too awful for details)...and I got back around 10 p.m., figured I'd
go for a late dinner to the Sizzler's next door to the hotel.

Went in, wearing my B5 jacket, and as the guy shows me to my seat, he
says, "I know you...yessir, I know who you are."  

I mumbled something at him, the usual bit about being recognized, and he
continued.  "You're here for the convention, aren't you?"  So I allowed as
how I was....

"I knew it, I knew it," he said.  "You're one of them Trekkies."

The only thing that kept me from killing him was that I didn't know the
penalty for murder in Florida.


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