ATTN JMS: B5 PRESS ALERT! I'm dealing with reporter; need advice

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Date: 2 Apr 1997 19:57:09 -0500
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Yo, JOE!  (And others with relevant experience)

A reporter from a major newspaper has gotten word of (a) B5's growing
popularity and (b) that I am in charge of a west-coast net-group for B5
fans.  This reporter now wants to interview me as part of a feature
article about the B5 fan scene and to ask questions about the show.  The
interview is on April 11.  (For all I know, the reporter may want to keep
her work out of view until the article is actually out, so I will refrain
from naming the specific newspaper for now.)

Anyway, I have had enough experience from an amateur-journalist angle to
be able to handle myself fairly well in a situation like this.  I'll know
I'll do OK.  What I need to know from you, Joe, is what you would advise
r.e. dealing with a major reporter. 

Anything to be cautious about or look out for?  Any angles r.e. the show
that you would prefer emphasized (or not) at this point?  I and my group
are already doing a lot of advance planning on our own, but any extra word
or help from you along the way would be quite helpful.  :)

For the record, this reporter is already a major X-Files fan, even though
at this writing, has not yet seen an ep of B5. This is soon to be fixed. 
In our initial conversation today, I promised her with a grin:  "You will
become a major B5 fan before this report is over!  I promise you that." 

The fact that this reporter is into X-Files does show that we are already
dealing with someone with a good amount of both class and clue as far as
"off-the-main-road" kind of TV programming is concerned.  To me, this is a
definite sign that we are getting off on the right foot here at the
beginning.   Let's hope this works out all the way. :)

I look forward to your advice and thoughts on all this, Joe.
Wish me luck.  

-(only a *little* bit nervous)Elana
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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 3 Apr 1997 02:24:30 -0500
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The only things I'd mention, that are worth passing on to the
reporter...the tendency of B5 to form communities...the use of fairly
rigorous science in the basis of the show, and how we've become NASA's
newest darling...the overall story arc...the ethical issues the show deals
with...all the obvious stuff.

If the reporter tries to create a B5 vs. ST dynamic, that's something to
be cautionary about.  But that's all.

Beyond that, you'll do fine.  Sheridan certainly hasn't had any problems
with reporters, after all....


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