Omega-class cruiser design

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Along the same lines as a previous post, what is the reason for the
Omega-class cruiser's rotating section being designed the way it is (like
two A's or V's depending on how you look at it), while virtually every
other Earth ship (that has simulated gravity) or station is designed around
a circular or cylindrical section?

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From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
Date: 5 Apr 1997 02:52:41 -0500
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Methinks you refer to the Aggie Class, not the Omega, as the O's have no

Anyway-  The Destoyers are all business.  There is no need for extra
storage space onboard, and certainly no need for passengers!  This
allows for a portion of the cylinder describing the same arc as the full
cylider ships.  At one time, we strongly considered locking down the
rotator section during battle to increase manouverability, and  not
using a cylinder or sphere would have made this concept more practical
in presenting a narrower target to the opposition.  As it is, we
postulate that the control systems of the class can take into account
the additional torque generated by the spinning section. 

Besides- we would have to spend a heck of a lot more on filming Zero G
sequences if we locked down, or strap all the actors to their seats. 
Tough to do that acting thing in a 5 point belt for any length of time!

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

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