ATTN GEORGE: Severed Dreams-hole in a WALL?

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From: Boris Skrbic <ibctel at>
Date: 5 Apr 1997 13:33:56 -0500
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Hi George,

The recent discussion of decompression in "Severed Dreams" reminded me of
something: if the attacking soldiers came in through the hull above Brown-95
(which I presume is the lowest level of the sector), and if the levels are
cylindrical, shouldn't they be seen coming through the floor instead of the

BTW, is Brown-95 the same level as Blue-95, Green-95 or Red-95?

Thank you!


From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
Date: 6 Apr 1997 17:36:02 -0400
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We don't really know where the Marines actually penetrated, but their
first hole would be through the "floor". If we assume that they know the
station well, it is likely they would punch through an "unimproved", or
storage area first, as it would be easier than to burn through a fully
habitable area. Then they would go through a wall or a door to get at
the goal.  We postulate that they actually were shown entering through
their second burn, and entering the occupied area.

All the 95's are in the same relative position, sequenced from the

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

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