ATTN George: The transmition in Epiphanies (Spoilers)

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Spoilers for Epiphanies
Quite small spoilers, but still spoilers.

I was wondering how the transmition to Garibaldi in Epiphanies was made.  
It looked very similar to something one can do using a freeware program 
called Fractint.  The effect looks a lot like what you get when you use 
the program to create a plasma fractal and rotate the palette.  Was it 
in fact created with Fractint?  If not, am I at least right that it is a 
plasma fractal with the palette rotated?

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From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
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Believe it or not, that piece started as color bars.  It was twisted
using Flint software from Discreet Logoc on an SGI Maximum Impact using
fractal morphing plug ins.

Feedback is a wonderful thing......

It is certainly concievable that Fractint would work to create a similar

George Johnsen
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