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Mr. Straczynski....

I've notcied recently on the Lurker's Guide that some (more like all,
actually) of the production numbers for Season One episodes differ from
the order in which the episodes were actually aired.  My question is, in
which order will TNT run these episodes, by production number or in the
same order as they were originally aired in syndication?  (For example, if
they were aired by prod. #, then "Infection" would immediately follow "The
Gathering", and "Crysalis" would not be the final episode of Season One. 
Also "Passing through Gesthamane" and "Voices of Authority" would not be

I think this question was addressed before on the newsgroup, but Deja News
didn't turn up anything useful.

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 12 Apr 1997 19:07:41 -0400
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We definitely plan to work with TNT to make sure the air order is correct.


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