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I thought you might find this interesting...
My 67 Year old father DETESTS television and most movies.  He has 
gradually stopped reading fiction because "it is usually boring and 
predictable" and mostly reads history, philosophy, and books on 
archaeology.  He recently had a mild heart attack and instead of surgery 
chose to improve his diet and exercise more.  So he has been using a 
rowing machine for about one hour per day...
That got boring fast so I forced him to watch a few B5 tapes from season 
one while exercising.  After 5 episodes he was hooked and he has now 
watched the whole series, one episode per day, and is just starting over 
at episode one! In order to tape them for him without the commercials I 
have rewatched them all as well, usually 7 or 8 in a row on 
saturday...what a rush!  This is one intense 100 odd hour movie when you 
watch it back to back.  
Dad has enjoyed it so much he is getting cable just to see the new show 
on TNT.  Thanks for putting so much into it. Your devotion really comes 

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Date: 16 Apr 1997 06:13:58 -0400
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That's truly wonderful...thanks for that report, it made my day.  Best to
your dad.


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