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"Janet K. Christian" <janetc at> writes:

}Here you are, creating one of the most profound epics in all of television
}history; the story has a very specific beginning, middle, and end; it has a
}clearly defined timeline (fictionally and in reality), and the suits who
}hold the decisions in their slimy little hands JUST DON'T GET IT.

}If it were me in your position I would be having a hard time not running
}down the halls screaming "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Just make a decision, ANY
}decision, but just DO IT NOW!"

	Makes one wonder if that old blues tune ever gets played in the
B5 office:

	"Hey Joe, where'r you going with that gun in your hand...?"


pyotr filipivich, sometimes owl, Nikolai Petrovich in the SCA.
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Date: 21 Apr 1997 14:40:44 -0400
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One simply learns.

And when negotiation fails, you just roll in a grenade and come in firing.


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