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In the continued interest of fairness to both sides, and given your
enthusiastic interest in this subject, I'm forwarding B5JMS members a second
public statement from Claudia Christian.  It, among other information, is
located in


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Dear Sweet Wonderful Guys and Gals, Ladies, Gentlemen - poets all of you:

I am sitting in my trailer on the film set of "Guardian" (not the film that
conflicted with B-5, I have been lucky enough to star in 2 films -
"Guardian" and "Thick and Thin" with Robert Townsend, in the last month).

Anyway - I'm in here perusing the copious , kind, funny and downright
incredible e-mails I have received from you. I actually started to cry a few
minutes ago as I read a particularly touching message from a woman in
Toronto. You are eloquent and I am so happy to have been able to entertain
you in whatever way I have.

Out of the hundreds of e-mails I have received from all over the world I
have only had one negative one and that was from a fellow who hated my CD! I
am amazed at your loyalty and your generosity of spirit.

As I was depressed after being disinvited to the annual B-5 party - yes I am
no longer welcome anywhere near B-5. I was then heartened by yet another
slew of love from you via the e-mail. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Now then to answer some of your questions:

1. I would love to be in the B-5 TNT movies or the feature, however I get
the feeling they do not want me in anything at all.

2. I was never offered 18 episodes at a different price, I was told "If TNT
wants you for all 22 - you have to do all 22" period.

3. I will still do conventions (If I am invited!) I love to be with the fans
and always have a great time at them.

4. I apologize to anyone who missed me in Boston after I could only make an
appearance on Sunday. I took the Red-Eye after finishing work on the movie
I'm doing and missed my talk on Saturday. I hope that everyone who stayed
for Sunday a decent show.

5. To Andrew P. I don't know Paul least I don't recognize the

6. To Mark K. Your welcome for the B-day card!

7. The deal breaker was never about money! It was about time!

8. Yes, it is ironic that they are replacing me with an actress that will be
in only 8 episodes out of 22

9. Joseph B My game is called "Solar Eclipse" it's on Sony Playstation

10. Karen in NY The agent you are referring to was my convention agent,
there was no foul play or stupid moves on the part of my theatrical agent.
As I've said before they received a fax saying I was released on Friday
after that they assumed the fight was over. I no longer work with the woman
you heard about at Wolf.

11. If you read the Variety article, it simply said that I had not signed my
contract yet, it did not state that I was leaving the show, period! It was
gossip, I do not know who planted it.

12. I auditioned for the Borg on Voyager during season 4 when we were told
that it did not look good for season 5. If I had gotten the job I could not
have done it once B-5 was picked up. It had nothing to do with anything. All
of the actors were auditioning for lots of things since we thought the
series was over. Remember season 5 was a miracle, we even shot the last
episode thinking it was over.

13. Yes Vince is my brother, a great guy, but I think he needs to get back
to work in his lab so no more e-mails to him okay:-)

14. Kevin S 6-D loves you and 6-D bless you, you are great, remember that!
Thank you for your kind words.

15. John D I didn't think you were short...

16. Damon does exist, he is my best friend and has set up this access to you
for me.

17. Susan B I think Diana does an excellent job with my web site, she
receives a lot of mail for me. I don't understand your comment "Be careful
when you write people" I have only written twice. The original rebuttal and
this letter now. Beware of impostors they say! Also Susan, I write from the
heart not to impress a teacher, so sorry for the "poor phrasing'.

18. Stephen Christian Thank you!!!! You're the BEST!

Now for the summary....

In case you didn't notice, during season 4 I mostly read off of a
TelePrompTer for "The Voice of The Resistance" or said "Aye Captain" into my
link. I was creatively frustrated but continued to float along thinking I
would get my chance to stretch my acting muscles. It wasn't until episode
421 that Joe wrote a scene for Richard Biggs and I that I am very proud of
and was thrilled to be able to do.

Add to that the fact that I had a car accident that ended up costing me my
savings account, I was drained. Along comes a producer who wants me to star
in a film that will help get me on my feet again...barely...and satisfy my
acting needs in a challenging role. I really wanted to do it. I asked for
the time off and I was told I would get it. I explained I needed it in

There was no way they would hire me without this permission note. I had to
get one for the one day I worked on the Steven Bocheo pilot "Total Security"
for crying out loud! I was refused. Nothing in writing meant I couldn't do
the film. I thought it could be worked out. I was wrong.

In conclusion:

I have never said I did not want to be a part of season 5. I would be happy
to don Ivanova's uniform for episodes in season 5, the TNT movies of the
week or the potential feature. My pride prohibits me from calling them. They
know my number if they want me they can ask me. The ball has never been in
my court people, I am just a pawn in this great chess game.

Thank you again for your love and support. I cherish each and every letter
that has come to me.

Lots of Love

Claudia Christian

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