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I apologize if this has been stated before.

In this weeks TV Guide (Aug. 16-22) page 4 Claudia Christian says "I 
needed time off for a movie. I make less than the men in our show. I^Òm 
the female lead, and I think I deserved this concession. The whole thing 
has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth." 

My feelings & questions on the above:

I don't quite understand where this comment came from. This "fact" was 
not mentioned in her letter she posted on the Internet, and I have not 
heard anything about this until now. I don't understand how, if this is 
true, that she would have access to the other actor's salaries. I also 
find the term "lead" female character rather relative. If you added up 
all the screen time, I think Delenn may have more on-screen time, making 
her the "lead" female, if that matters at all.

It seems that in the past Claudia has been shown to be in error where 
the truth is involved, by the fact that the two posts about what 
happened when Claudia left conflict and all the other cast members back 
Joe up. So, since she has been caught in a lie before, this sounds to me 
like a desperate attempt to salvage some support by making accusations 
that she is somehow a lower paid employee because of her sex. I have 
only seen evidence that Joe tries to include all races, sexes, and be 
fair to everyone. Although this may be out of Joe's jurisdiction, and I 
will try to keep an open mind until I hear something more substantial 
that a few lines in a TV Guide .

So my specific questions to JMS would be; Have you heard this complaint 
before from Claudia? What are your feelings on this public accusation of 
sexism at Babylonian Productions? And is this financial accusation true? 
 I am not asking what the cast's salaries are, only it is seems like it 
would be pretty easy to shot down if it is false just by the numbers in 
front of you.

One positive thing, it is a very nice picture of Claudia in the TV 

Thanks for listening. I don't want to stir anything up, I am just 
looking for some calm, sane, information pertaining to this latest 

Sincerely, Jeff Howell

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Date: 15 Aug 1997 18:48:10 -0400
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Without giving specifics of other actors' contracts, which would be a
violation of their privacy, I can say plainly that Claudia's statement
that "I make less than the men in our show" is false.  Six other cast
members make less per episode than she does, two female and four male.

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