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From: Pete Warner <cybrpunk at>
Date: 16 Aug 1997 16:16:04 -0400
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I keep hearing about cool Bab5 merchandise being sold at cons.  Is there any
chance that the Warner Brothers stores around the country might start
selling these items?  We have one nearby and I would love a B5 hat.

Also, let me be the 2 millionth person to say "Thank You" for what I can
only the describe as the best Sci-fi going.  

Pete Warner
Atlanta, Georgia
Wife appointed "Bab5 Geek"

"Savoir C'est Pouvoir" - Motto of the 313th MI Bn, 82nd Airborne Div.   
"If the Apocalypse happens tonight,page me." Buffy,the Vampire Slayer 

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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 17 Aug 1997 03:39:00 -0400
Lines: 9, the WB store doesn't tend to carry stuff from most of its
shows, and B5 is in that category.


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