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Just batting cleanup here for a sec....

1) If you haven't caught it yet, let me recommend "Tales from a Parallel
Universe" to you.  It's running on Showtime in a series of 2-hour movies,
and it's *just* a total kick in the head.  These are clearly guys who
enjoy SF, who know SF, and the CGI is overall quite spectacular
(occasionally a bit cartoony, but that's to be expected when you churn out
this much stuff, and believe me, it's wall-to-wall CG), the characters are
fun and slightly demented, and it has a real edge to it.

Anyway, I like it enormously, and wanted to commend it to you in case you
hadn't seen it.

2) A viewer sent me a limited Red Clay Ramblers CD, and it just reminded
me again of how much I love this group.  They do humorous songs, songs
that will break your heart, ballads, cajun music, 40s style music, gospel,
Irish-style reels, it's just endlessly delightful.  It's the kind of music
you can't listen to and feel sad or depressed.  

You may have to hunt around, but take my word for it: you'll love these
guys.  (And the Squirrel Nut Zippers are also worth checking out; just
terrific, a mix of blues, rock and Big Band.  Any group that can do an
amusing song about damnation is my kinda group.)

3) For those who've asked in email...yes, my episodes of The Real
Ghostbusters are airing again, as part of the Amazing Adventures package. 
In L.A. they're on Sundays at 2:30 p.m., and at various times/days
elsewhere.  I don't have the info, but there is a web page somewhere with
the info.  

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