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I was watching "The Last Starfighter" the other day and I noticed a
superficial similarity between the Minbari and the main alien race in that
film.  And the starfighter vessel looked somewhat like the ships on the B5
space station.  Without opening yourself up to any legal entanglements (and
excuse me if this issue's been addressed before--I'm relatively new here),
would you admit to any influence on B5 from TLS?

BTW, I posted this in another letter, but in case you didn't see it, I
think B5 is the finest show in production today.  Thank you so much for all
your efforts.  I'm saddened that so much attention has been given to the CC
departure when the main focus should have been that B5 will finish out its
five-year arc.  That is great news and that's what's important.  Thanks again.

Len R.

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No, the Minbari have nothing to do with Starfighter...they're a blend of
Asian cultures and some middle east cultures.

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