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During this summer drought I decided to drop by the public library to 
get a "Straczynski fix" by checking out Demon Night and Othersyde.  It 
worked.  If somebody had handed me these books with the author's name 
scratched out it would have been an easy guess you were responsible.  
Good stuff.  Well worth the time.

When I got to page 165 of Othersyde I nearly got whiplash from the 
double-take I had to do when you mentioned Babylon 5  ( Chris' mom 
called him to watch his show, and you wrote:  ' "Babylon 5" was one of 
his favorite programs, the only decent science-fiction series on TV.')  

That's a pretty cool line to throw in there considering the book was 
published in 1990.  I guess you knew all along, eh?  Thanks for turning 
fiction into fact in such a spectacular fashion!   

Anne Green

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It also backtracks the development of B5 to minimum 1989 for any who might


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