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lmaddox at (Tom Maddox) wrote:
>Actually, if you go back and read the battle between Mojo and JMS, JMS claims 
>that Foundation was jacking B5, so he held Foundation responsible.
>I'm not taking a side either way, I'm just trying to clarify the issue.

Ray Martinez wrote:

>      if I recall correctly, he stated at the time that they told him
>they were leaving to work on Voyager, and B5 would only be getting
>their junior animators. As with Claudia, there are two sides to the
>story. I'm not trying to argue with you, but IIRC, that is what he said
>at the time.

It was *after* B5 began producing their FX in-house that we were
offered Voyager.  A big misconception is that we dumped one for the
other and, while there is debate about a great many elements of the
falling out, this is not one of them.

B5 then hired Foundation's Junior animators to head up Netter Digital.


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 20 Aug 1997 11:21:05 -0400
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>B5 then hired Foundation's Junior animators to head up Netter Digital.
NDEI hired many animators, some of whom had previously worked for FI, many
of whom had not. your contention, stated here and elsewhere, that it's B5 that is
constantly creating this feud between NDEI/B5 and FI...would you care to
comment on your recent convention appearances in which you show footage
from Voyager in which you claim to have incorporated footage of a
destroyed B5 station and starfury into the space tornado episode, and
whipped the audience of mainly ST fans up about the dig at B5?


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