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Date: 21 Aug 1997 18:18:45 -0400
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Hello JMS.  As you probably know, some sf cons have art shows where people of 
different skill levels display their sf-based art.  In some cases the art 
displayed is also for sale, either directly or via auction.  At such art shows 
I've seen work that depicts scenes or characters from Babylon 5, as well as 
from other tv shows and movies.

Is this sort of thing a violation of copyright?  Does it matter on the extent 
of the artwork and whether it's for sale?  That is, if someone has just a piece 
or two and is not trying to sell them then it's personal, perhaps, but if 
someone has a bunch of pieces and makes them available, for whatever prices, 
this might be more a public offering.

I post this message because I'm interested in taking some of my Babylon 5 
artwork to an sf con, but was not clear on the legality of it.

Thanks for any insight you can offer on this topic.

-Ken Stuart
kps1 at

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 21 Aug 1997 20:31:09 -0400
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It is my *understanding* at least that if someone does a one-off of
something inspired by B5, that's generally not a problem; but if multiples
of this are produced, then that's a problem.


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