Pegasus Publishing: A poor experience

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From: lynch at (Robert Lynch)
Date: 10 Dec 1997 21:59:08 -0700
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	What follows is my very own personal experience with Pegasus
Publishing, purveyor of B5 merchandise, among other things.  I thought
I'd let people know about my experience, in order to save them the
trouble I've had.

	At this year's Worldcon, I ordered a shirt from Pegasus
Publishing.  I say "ordered" because they were out of stock on this
particular item.  I paid for it, and received an invoice, complete
with my name and the address to which this item would be shipped.

	That was Labor Day weekend.  At the end of September, I sent
an e-mail to Pegasus, asking about my order, since I hadn't yet
received it.  I got a reply which said that there had been a problem,
but my order would be shipped at the end of the next week.

	The next week came and went.  And the next.  In the third week
of October, I sent another e-mail, asking about my order, which
_still_ hadn't arrived.  I had given my work address for shipping
purposes, and I was leaving that job at the end of October.  I asked
if I needed to give them a new shipping address.

	A week later, after getting no reply, I sent another e-mail.
I gave a new shipping address, in case my order had still not shipped.
I specifically asked for a reply, whether my order had shipped or not.

	Again, I got no reply.  November had arrived, and I went to my
new job.  After a week there, I decided I had had enough, and sent a
letter to them by snail-mail, with a copy of my invoice, explaining
the situation.  I asked for a refund -- it had been two months, and I
had heard nothing about my order since the first e-mail reply, which
had been wrong.

	Today is December 10, and it's a month after I sent my
snail-mail letter.  I still have no shirt, and I have no refund.  I
also have no e-mail reply, although I included my home e-mail address
and my new work e-mail address in my letter.  I am thoroughly
disappointed, and so I thought I might offer a little advice to other
fans who might be interested in their wares.

	Avoid them.  Simply avoid them.  After three months of
waiting, I think I can speak from experience.

	-- Robert
	   lynch at

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 11 Dec 1997 22:12:24 -0700
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There's two Pegasus companies out there (Pegasus? Pegasi?) and one is licensed,
one is not.  Be careful which is which.  The nonlicensed one has been only

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