To JMS or anyone - UK viewer needs help!

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Date: 15 Dec 1997 09:53:29 -0700
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Tariq Moustapha wrote:
> Steve Brinich wrote:
> >   No.  To explain as best I can without spoilers, the final episode of
> > Season 4 (mostly) deals with events other than those immediately following
> > the events of "Rising Star".  It fills the Episode 422 slot, but not by
> > simply pulling Episode 501 forward.
> >
> What are you saying?  That Sleeping in Light is on in the UK?
>                         Tariq
No he's descibing DECONSTRUCTION....
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Date: 15 Dec 1997 21:23:34 -0700
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Tell the other British fans they can relax; one of the ways I made sure that
neither WB nor anyone else could air Sleeping in Light was to simply not finish
it.  The shooting is done, obviously, and it's all edited together...but we
haven't even started rendering the CGI yet (no need to, and other stuff is
pressing), haven't done the audio mix, none of that.  Just a little

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