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anich74630 at aol.com (ANich74630) writes:

>What role did the addition of Tracey have to do with TNT picking up 
>the option on Season 5 of B?

	Probably none, since she was only cast after TNT picked it up.
If anything, I'd ask the reverse question: What role did TNT picking
up season 5 have to do with the casting of Tracy Scoggins?

	Personally, I think none, but people have been talking recently
about the large numbers of other TNT shows she's in.

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>What role did TNT picking
>up season 5 have to do with the casting of Tracy Scoggins?


We picked her, she was the best person for the role, even Jerry felt that in
the audition, we told TNT this is who we want, and they said great.

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