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> >1.  Is having such a large hole in the
>        story [is this a parallel to JeffreyS?]
>        gonna spoil Season 5 for us?
>        2. Should we just wait until TNT shows
>        the Final 4 again and *THEN* watch S5?

My gut reaction...because S5 starts pretty cleanly, and Sheridan's new
situation is set up right from the git-go, I think that you'd be okay to just
dive in.  Not knowing at the time that there'd be any kind of problem in the
airing of the final 4, but having learned from experience that nothing about
this show is EVER easy or predictable, I did sort of a primer about where
things stand now in the top of the teaser, done breathlessly by Corwin as
Lochley arrives.

(That ain't much of a spoiler since it happens in the first few minutes of the


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