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Subject: Attn JMS: Background graphics for ITF (no spoilers)
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What a great episode!  The graphics were incredible!  I have a
question about some of those graphics.  The background space
was very much like some recent Hubble photos of a star forming
region I believe in the Orion Nebula.  Were these the inspiration
for the "scenery" in this episode?  How actively do you look for
actual images for use on the show?

One more question.  Many artists have done paintings for Star Trek.
Are there any now working on B5 works (officially or not)?

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We use the Hubble images (provided by them) a lot on the show, including
these current couple of episodes.  We digitize them, then enhance them
into 3D.

There aren't any official B5 paintings going on now, the only artwork of a
collector's sort now is the collector's plate series from Hamilton, which
is very nice (the Delenn plate in particular is *gorgeous*).


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