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Subject: ATTN JMS & ALL: Very cool web site!!
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From: Brent Schmidt <TVsBrent at MCS.COM>
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I found this excellent web site while looking at the B5 page on
  It shows a promotional flyer sent to stations to promote the pilot,
and contains the original art work done for the show.  Pretty
fascinating stuff.  The character bios and the race descriptions are
pretty interesting . . .

  The reason I flagged JMS for this message is what I found when it came
to the descriptions of the races:
  "The secretive Vorlons are a group not to be trusted. A massive power
struggle is going on among their upper echelons where advancement is
only accomplished by assassination. They seek to eliminate the Earth
Alliance and solidify themselves as heads of the Empire."
  Huh?  Are we talking about the same Vorlons here?  From this
description, they sound more like the Shadows than "Lords of Order".
  Was this just some weird promotional verbage made up for the flyer, or
was that the original concept for the Vorlons?
 Docking Bay 13 -
Brent Schmidt                   TVsBrent at MCS.COM


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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The early information on Vorlons was just put in there to make the studio
happy, since I didn't want to reveal what they were -- it'd be kinda hard
to explain to business types -- because they wanted *something* to hold
onto.  The same material includes drawings done again just to help them


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