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Mon Feb 10 23:12:18 EST 1997

This is a message from the maintainer of B5JMS and B5JMS-DIGEST.  I've got
small collection of assorted notes that it's probably time for another one f
my administrative messages.

(1) Those of you who get the digest version of B5JMS, the next digest will
be volume 3, issue 16.  On January 1st, 1997, I forgot to start a new
volume, and so volume 2 continued with new issues from v2.n196 through to
v2.n209.  I now started a new volume, number 3, but I also renamed the
issues v2.n196-v2.n209 to correspond to v3.n001-v3.n015, respectively.  What
all this means is that after getting issue v2.n209, the next issue you'll
get will be v3.n016.  That's OK and you don't have to worry about missing

(2) Some of you don't pay enough attention to the disclaimer at the bottom
of every B5JMS message.  It tells you that if you simply reply to a B5JMS
message, that reply will go back to me, the maintainer.  IT WON'T GET TO
between 5 and 10 misdirected replies each day.  Due to constraints of my
schedule, most of the time I simply delete these misdirected messages from
my queue.  If I had more time, I would take care to inform each of you that
sends such a message with what's the proper way to do so.  Some of your
replies that reach me by mistake are very valuable due to their content or
they contain time-sensitive information.  It is a shame that those messages
will never make it to their intended destinations.

In the B5JMS FAQ that gets sent to this list every month I list what to do
to post messages to JMS.  The simplest and best way is to send an email
message to rastb5 at, with the subject starting with "ATTN JMS:".  So
if you want to reply to a B5JMS message and have that reply go to JMS, or to
the moderated newsgroup, or to the originator of the message, don't just hit
the "reply" button (or equivalent command) on your mail program and accept
the default choices.  Rather, make sure that you correct the "To:" field BY
HAND to list the intended recipient(s) of your reply.  I know this is more
of a hassle, but with current email technologies, and with so many poor
quality mail programs out there, there is no alternative.  I think it is
worth the "hassle" rather than losing your messages altogether.

(3) Those of you in the New York area: some people have asked if they could
meet me in person anywhere on in one of the B5 conventions.  I'm glad to say
you could as finally there's a convention in my area that I can afford to go
to.  I will be attending I-CON XVI to be held during the weekend of April
4-6 at Long Island's SUNY Stony Brook U.  JMS, Harlan Ellison, and Michael
O'Hare will be attending.  Joe and Harlan will also be presented with
special awards (and before you ask me, see for more
info :-).  Given that these conventions with such a concentration of good
guests are *very* rare in the north-east coast, I definitely didn't want to
miss that one.  So anyway, if any of you plan to attend, and you want to
perhaps get together and socialize as a "B5JMS" group during that weekend,
please send me private email and I'll try to make arrangements for all of
those attending from here to be able to locate each other.

B5JMS Poster.
Maintainer, B5JMS and B5JMS-DIGEST lists.
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