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Subject: ATTN JMS: Thanks for the job!
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From: raven at (Steve Crow)
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Hey Joe, 

I know you probably get praise from us fans on a daily basis for your
incredible work you've done in B5.  I'm sure they thank you for your
great writing, and your dedication to us fans.  Your dedication to us
has been unprecidented, I believe in the history of this form of
communication.  I am hoping to be able to continue to follow your work
through newsgroups etc like this, for a long time to come - no matter
the show. 

To the point - It is well known that you are incredible at provoking
emotions in people through your show. God knows how many times you've
taken me from laughing my ass off, to actually worrying or being upset
about characters, to tears.  For me though - instead of just writing a
good story, you have brought out so many great moments that inspire
me.  I have just recently graduated and have been searching for work.
I was getting to the bottom of my rope, because of so many reasons. 

But there are certain times where I rewatch some of my tapes of the
show and certain scenes just seem like they were tailor made for my
situation.  The scene between Delenn and Marcus, about why Marcus
wouldn't participate dragging the chains of my own making..... but
recently - the scene when Franklin was stabbed and he was talking to
himself. Something along the lines of "Get off the damn floor, and
show me you want it." 

That scene... those words had been ringing in my ears for a while, and
inspired me to do just that. That day I got fed up and probably faxed
and emailed out 100 resumes looking for a job.  I then got interviews,
and finally a GREAT paying job, with plenty of room for advancement!
Just the type of job I was trained for in school. 

The point being - its not that you just provide great entertainment,
its not just the deep philosophical contemplations, and its not just
great dialogue.  It CAN mean something to some people out there,
including being inspirational.  So for just that, I thank you for
being the triggering point in my life to get my career back on track

So keep up the good work, and remember no matter how bad things get -
remember that you've helped and touched some people out there through
your writing!

     Check  \   _   /  Six!      *** #babylon5 Psi-Corps ***  
             \_(0)_/                 ** Steve "Crow" **           
   +---=====(]( + )[)=====---+    **raven at Windsor.IGS.Net **         
         *   o  @  o   *         **Victims.. aren't we all?**   


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Thanks...the show can be a nudge, but only a have to do what
needs to be done, and you did exactly this.  All praise and responsibility
rests at your feet; I got nothing to do with it, but I will, with thanks
and appreciation, reflect for a moment the sunshine of your accomplishment
as though I actually had something to do with dawn.  Good luck.


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