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Dear Joe,

How could you?

I have to say that this was not how I ever envisioned
writing to you. Somehow I thought I'd write to you to
tell you how much I really appreciate Babylon 5. It
has indeed become our last best hope for good
television. You've gone places with this show I never
dreamed of. You've made me think. You've made me
laugh. You've made me cry. Heck, you've even dragged
me through the stages of grief.

The growing relationship between Sheridan and Delenn
was a surprise at first and then a delight. Here
was a realistically portrayed, maturely handled
romance. It has been a joy to watch develop, even if
it has been slower than many of us would prefer. Just
a day or so ago, I found myself defending your
handling of Sheridan and Delenn, to another anxious
fan, by saying that as much as I would prefer the
relationship to move a little faster, I *trusted* you
to not disappoint us. That you would undoubtedly find
ways to surprise and enthrall us as Sheridan and
Delenn progress.

Well, after seeing 'Epiphanies' and reading your other
comments on the episode, you certainly have surprised
me. But, by gods, I'm certainly not enthralled.
Instead, I feel cheated.

Your brush off of inquiries about the 'missing' pieces
from the Sheridan and Delenn scene on the White Star -
with a rather casual response - (something along the
lines of) it wasn't all that important - just a bit of
Sheridan and Delenn fluff, seems harmless enough.
Until we learned exactly what had been cut. These are
important pieces in the 'whole' picture of Sheridan
and Delenn. It shows the audience that they are
*progressing* - moving along with the physical side of
the relationship. Those lines of 'fluff' give
important insights into this progression. Also
Delenn's line about 'one can accomplish a great deal
in just a few minutes' is very revealing as to
Delenn's role now and in the future of this couple.
Now, we've lost this opportunity.

Was this a Freudian slip on your part? If the edit had
been cleaner, then the audience would have been none
the wiser for what was lost. Instead we're tantalized
by what *should* have been - *could* have been. We've
been cheated. Was this your intention - to get a
response from those of us who follow the Sheridan and
Delenn story line closely? Some how, I feel
manipulated and very disappointed.

How could you?


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"Was this your intention - to get a response from those of us who follow
the Sheridan and Delenn story line closely? Some how, I feel manipulated
and very disappointed."

Yes, as I sat in the editing room, I thought, "Hmmm...if I do this, it'll
get the Sheridan and Delenn fans' knickers all in a knot...."

Every scene goes through some editing...there is barely a scene we film
that doesn't get a line or two or three snipped.  Sometimes the edit is
noticeable, sometimes it ain't.  The only thing you can decide is, "Does
this move the story along or not?"  I was chasing about another 20 seconds
(which was all we're talking about here), and the back-and-forth didn't
really add anything to what was already in that scene.  I treated it the
same as I would treat any other scene.


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