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For those in the Los Angeles area, I'll be doing a B5 presentation at
Gallifrey, at the Airtel Hotel in Van Nuys, including a new blooper reel
and scenes from episodes yet to come.

I'll also be at Megacon in Orlando, Florida in about a month.

Preliminary, unofficial word is that we got a 4.1 rating for the second
new episode, our highest in 2 years.

Also, the new issue of Sci-Fi Universe has two articles by Stephen Smith,
one of which, a week following the production of B5, is probably the best
and most comprehensive article ever written on the subject.  I commend it

Finally, Antioch Publishing is hitting the bricks shortly with a line of
B5 nifties, ranging from bookmarks to bookplates, and other stuff.  It's
beautiful stuff, made for readers.  


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