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Just picked up your "Complete Book of Scriptwriting" (wanna-be writer that I
am) and was pleasantly surprised to find a book full of all of the
information I was looking for; most of the other people piece together a few
things here and there, but are missing that one bit... Also liked the
"Coming of Shadows" script in the back, my favorite lines from the series
were in that ep. ("'How will this end?' 'In fire.'") Have your written any
other technical writing books, and is any of your fiction still in print? I
couldn't find anything else at Hastings. 

Dan Coffin
b1gator at
sic transit gloria mundi


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Lines: 9, haven't written any other technical books, and all my fiction
is currently out of print.


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