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From: Mark Justice <markj at>
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Pardon me if this has been previously answered. Are there any plans for 
future B5 comics? And, if so, will you be as involved as you are with 
the new novels?

Mark Justice


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Yes, here's the skinny: 

There's going to be a new 3-part story arc for the comics.  It'll first
appear in the UK, serialized in the B5 magazine (which will be regularly
published over there shortly, to coincide with new episodes), then it will
be gathered together and published in the US by DC Comics.  The books are
being written/assembled in-house, to avoid conflicts with editors.

I've written the first issue, which brings the Valen story into the
foreground, and the second two parts are being written by Peter David.


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