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     Joe, In a recent posting you stated that "my problem is,
once I tell a story ANYwhere, it's on the nets in 50 seconds, and I can't 
it anywhere else without boring my audience to tears."

Wrong! It is seldom the story that is interesting in itself, but the way 
it is told.  You are a *master* story teller in person as well as at a 
word processor. I saw you at Marcon in Columbus Ohio and found your 
stories very entertaining.  Remember that the thousands of people who 
crowded the ball rooms that weekend were there to listen to you.  By the 
way, that was by far the biggest crowd for a single event in Marcon's 30 
year history.

On a related note...Will you be at Marcon this year?


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Thanks...and yeah, I'll be at Marcon this year, story-bag in hand....


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