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Subject: ATTN JMS: Drooling and muttering
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s  1: Feb 21, 1997: seals at (Cary Seals)
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From: seals at (Cary Seals)
Lines: 20

Thanks a lot!  I watch your wonderfully conceived, written and executed show.  
I read your scriptwriting book.  And now I can’t watch anything else without 
muttering, commenting and generally being a pain in the ass.  The final straw 
was tonight’s Voyager episode with yet another rampaging hologram (at least no 
one did any evolving into lizards.)   My wife won’t watch TV with me.  I used 
to just watch and let the drool run down my chin,  but I can’t do that any 
more. So, thanks a lot.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I may even have 
to read a book. I hope you’re happy.  I know I am.

Great job!

Cary Seals
seals at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Lines: 10

Sounds like the drooling has stopped, but the muttering continues....

And thanks muchly.


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