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Tue Feb 25 16:48:48 EST 1997

This is a message from the maintainer of B5JMS.

Please welcome the 2912th subscriber to B5JMS, Babylon 5 Co-Producer George

Many of you have asked in the past week or so that I include his posts onto
B5JMS, as they are in the spirit of the service this list provides.  I first
had to contact George and ask for his permission.  He was very gracious as
to allow his posts from rastb5m reposted onto B5JMS.  Not just that, but he
gave me a blanket permission to repost and forward his messages, very
similar to JMS' permission.

In the next day or two you will begin receiving George's posts onto B5JMS
and B5JMS-DIGEST, in the same subject-threaded format as you're already used

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