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Subject: ATT: JMS No Models from Revell?
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From: Laura Appelbaum <l-appelbaum at>
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Hi, JMS.  Kudos etc.  Now a question:  recently I read that you saw ads
for the model ships to be made by Revell/Modello, and thought they'd be
out soon.  I rushed out to the local hobby shop, where the owner had
heard nothing new on the subject.  However, he had just received a new
1997 catalog from the company, and we leafed through it.  There were
several mentions of other models "to be released later this year," but
absolutely nothing about Babylon 5 Models.  Does this mean they won't
actually become available until 1998?  Say it ain't so, Joe! (Sorry, but
how could any "red-blooded American" resist using that line?)

Thanks, as always, for keeping us fans in the loop!  LMA


From: Beverly Martin <beej_martin at>
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Ask your local hobby shop for more details... there is an event --
similar to the NYC Toy Fair -- for the modelling industry.  That is
where the B5 models will debut and be made available to retailers for
the first time.  If I recall correctly, it is held late May or June.


My model shop ain't open yet... sollie :(


From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
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The show that is the "NY Toy Fair" for the modeling industry is the
National Model and Hobby Show in Chicago.  This show takes place in
October this year, so we hope the Revell/Monogram models are out before

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

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