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Subject: ATTN GEORGE: Equipment question
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From: pokerfac at (Lee Hutchinson )
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Welcome to rastb5m, George!

I've had some question on my mind since you guys switched over from
Foundation to NDE for EFX, and jms really hasn't been able to answer
'em (poor Joe!).

What equipment are you guys using for the CGI now?  Pentiums, Alphas,
what kind, how many?  How many artists (modelers and animators) are
being used on the show?

Just curious as to what you guys are using to do the EFX.  Great job,
BTW!  The EFX since the switch have been nothing but outstanding.

Lee Hutchinson
Pokerfac at
"One hundred and six miles to Chicago; we got a full tank of gas, a half-
pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."

"Hit it."


From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
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Hey, Lee-

Whoa- sounds more like a lightwave mailing list question! :-)

The arsenal looks like the following- 

Alphas for design stations serving 5 animators and one animation
assistant (housekeeping and slate specialist).  Most of these stations
run Lightwave and a couple add Softimage.  VERY plug-in hungry.  PVR's
on every station, with calibrated component NTSC (darn it, I hates ntsc)
right beside.

P6's in quad enclosures for part of the renderstack, and Alphas for the
rest, backed up 2x per day to an optical jukebox.

Completed shots output to a DDR post rendering and get integrated into
the show.

Shots to composite go to the Macs running After Effects, or the SGI
running Flint, depending on the type of comp being done, and then to the
DDR (8 minutes capacity on the SGI).

Boy it sure sounds easy!  The only problem is, we have a killer schedule
and very picky producers, and ESPECIALLY picky viewers! :-)

It is, however, a bunch of fun!

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

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