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Okay the stuff is in the mail now so I guess it's safe to say this...

I've been lurking here since April of 96, enjoying you and others, but
never anything worthwhile to say before this.

When all the hulabaloo was being posted about the renewal process for
season 5 (how do you stand it?), I was pretty disappointed to learn it
was all in the hands of the sweeps and the suits. I was frustrated that
there was NOTHING I could do to help the show I love. The desire was

A week or two later, I was contacted by the Neilson Organization and
with the head of household being Hispanic, we were give 3 diaries to log
(including stuff seen from VCR tapes!).

We watched A LOT of B5 this week.

I know you don't believe in magic, gods, etc. But it was, from my
perspective TOTALLY my intention to be a part of whatever chance this
show has in getting another season, more TV movies, etc. I take full
responsibility for bringing this chance into my life.

That said, thanks for all your efforts to tell us whats going on and
thank you so much for the most clever, rule-breaking and intelligent TV
show to come down the pike since The Prisoner!

 Blackhawk Island can be reached at openbook at

         Jon Golding - Openbook Communications
      I am my employer, so the opinions are mine!

Fighting near, fighting far, raiding each and every bar,         
                 We're the BLACKHAWKS!


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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I'm kinda prohibited from saying anything leading to a neilsen family.

I can only look out at the clouds and consider what a pleasant day it


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