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One of the things you seem to have said is that if there is no
season 5, but there is a sequel, then some elements that would have been
in season 5 would take place in the sequel.  Now, one question I have
is would the current 5 year contract that the actors have include season 1
of the sequel?  I wouldn't think so, but it would seem that the current
actors would be needed in the sequel.  One of the 5 year timebombs you
mentioned was that for past year 5, there would need to be new contracts
and that could be potentially too expensive to have the current actors.
The similar case would seem to be for the sequel which would probably
need a new cast then, possibly with one or two of the old cast.  

Any thoughts on this?


Neil Ottenstein
nottenst at


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Nothing has yet been finalized (or even near to it) on the cast.


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