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Thanks for writing a show that makes me feel.  TV's not supposed to do that.

My question is about the writing process.  What did you _feel_ as you were
writing Lord Refa's death in Rock, Sheridan stopping GKar in Coming of
Shadows, Sinclair's torment and angst, Avalon, Franklin, the elevator
scene, etc etc etc (way too many to name)?  Was the impact strongest on
you as you were writing the scenes, or was in stronger months before as
you conceived them?

If you can take a second question, will we ever see explicit follow-up to
the Londo Rape in Dust-to-Dust?  I feel it's the key to many things people
have been baffled about such as how the two of them could work together in
Rock and on Centauri Prime.  You avoided putting the two of them in the
same room for months after that scene (they avoided it I'm sure!) but when
they did come together there was no mention.

Thanks for creating this show for yourself ... it's the only way somebody
could create something so perfect for ME.

"to be remembered only as Joe ..."
                         (XXX Jack)

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The emotional impact is always strongest in the writing of the scene

The only way to write scenes such as the ones you list is to feel them
yourself, as strongly as the characters do.  Anything less, and it comes
across as fake or forced.  I felt very strongly when I offed was
very difficult for me, which was good, because then I knew it'd be hard on
others as well.


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