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Subject: Attn JMS: Delay in Season 4 title - waiting on year 5?
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From: Peter Thompson <petert at>
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   It occurred to me that perhaps the reason you
are still holding the wraps on the title for this season
could be that you don't yet know which season this 
is.  If this is year 4, of a 5 year saga, then we 
might already know the title.  But if this is the
last year of the show, then the year 4 title might not
be appropriate to the final year.  
   I seem to recall that you had released the title
of each year so far fairly early into the season,
if not before.  Not that I trust my memory all that much.
But people have been badgering you on the point, and
you keep putting them off, so I was thinking maybe it
was something that would be a bit of a spoiler, like when
you kept the season 3 ending title a secret.  But then 
this thought crossed my mind.  So I guess, in order to keep 
any possible answer short, would you say the holding back 
of the title is due to:

A)  It would be a bit of a spoiler, like holding
back the "Z'Ha'Dum" title...

B)  You're waiting on word from WB, as to whether you
get the 5th year, and the title would be different
for year 4, then it would be for years 4 and 5 combined
into 4...

C)  Some other reason I haven't thought of yet...

I'll try to send in my letter to my local station and
WB in order to petition for year 5.  I like my saga's nice
and long...

Thanks for the story so far.  Only 5 or so weeks till we 
get new episodes.  In the meantime, I think I'll watch
"Chrysalis", "The Fall of Night" and maybe "Z'Ha'dum"
while I'm waiting for the ball to drop on '97.



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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No, I'm mainly just sitting on the title because I'd like to set up the
next movment into which that title plays; it's something that's said in an
episode, and I want it to have the right context.  So I'm just sitting on
it for a bit.  It's not waiting for any outside factors; John and others
know the title, which is the title for episode 415.  No big.


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