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Subject: Question For JMS
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From: Vern Hartsock <vhartsoc at>
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Dear JMS,

Thank you for your excellent work, you have provided true entertainment
within a forum that is, for the most part, very dull ! Your show reaches
people who are not normally interested in Sci-Fi. My brother in law is
someone who does not care for most Sci-Fi, but he watches Babylon 5 with a
passion ! I think one of the reasons for this is that you are basically a
fine story teller. All of us, from our youth, have a need to be told good
stories. You have achieved this on a level at which adults can relate.
   If I may sir, I would like to know what the "Eye" at ZaHaDoom was. Was
it another 1st one ? It definitly seemed more advanced than the other
shadows encountered. I remember Ivonava encountered this being when she
entered the great machine in a past season.

Thank You Again, and please continue your work 


Vern Hartsock

vhartsoc at
vhartsoc at

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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Thanks...and the eyes were a projection of a shadow face, as you can note
in the main title.


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