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     I was watching some taped episodes this evening, as I do so very often,
and something that has been burning at the back of my mind flared to the
     It seems that the humans rarely if ever, give verbal honorarium to a
hero as they are going.  The specific instances that brought this to mind
this evening were from 'Revelation', when G'Kar says "G'Quan bless your
names, you will be remembered with honour" as the two supporting fighters
suicide the pursuing Shadow fighters, then in 'A Distant Star', Captain
Maynard simply says 'thanks Star Fury' to Lt. Keffer, who is sacrificing his
life for the Cortez, and with whom he had been drinking a few hours earlier.
 Why don't the humans ever seem to recognize the gallantry, out loud anyway?

     By the way, I again say, as I have many times before, that Babylon 5
ranks with the Foundation Trilogy and Dune, which until Babylon 5 were the
greatest works of Science Fiction and among the tops of any literature I have

     I must also relate the story of my mother, who hates Science Fiction
with a passion.  She despised Star Trek TOS, even though her beloved Aunt
watched it religiously with me on her lap.  The only thing she ever really
watched was Star Wars: A New Hope, and thought it was 'cute', but hated
Empire and refused to see Jedi.  But a few weeks ago, she was visiting, and I
had on one of the tapes.  As she was in the other room, listening, she made a
comment that it sounded very well written.  She came into the TV room.  Well
in short, I may not actually have another fan for the show yet, but she felt
that it was definetely worth watching some more.
     I have had a fairly large number of fans created before my eyes, 23 at
last count.  But unlike many others, I can not claim credit for thier
conversion and fandom.  I simply sat them down and started the VCR.  Your
story, your universe, your writing is what made them fans.

Babylon 5 and whatever comes next...
Mike Benjamin


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I think it's a matter of showing the formality and traditions of the other
races.  You're right, that humans don't honor their fallen heroes as much
as they should, but they never really have....


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