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Subject: JMS: Your bag of tricks
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In a recent post you mentioned "the arc" was now in your bag of tricks,
and you'd like to try different things.
Is "the online experiment" also now in your bag of tricks? I.e. assuming
you get to season 5, the 2 TV movies and/or Crusade, do you intend to have
the same presence online or do you want to appear in forums and newsgroups
less often?

Chris Keroack     <*>  Oxymoron: "Professional" sports.  
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From: jegolf at MCS.COM (J.M.Egolf)
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In article <5c06iq$2jf at>,
J. Potts <navoff at> wrote:
>-=> Quoting Jmsatb5 at to Unknown <=-
>Jm> So in future...yeah, I imagine I'd keep online, until it finally drove
>Jm> me nuts.  Perhaps not as much as now, only because the CTS acts up more
>Jm> some days than others, and it's only going to get worse and I'll have
>Jm> to concentrate that on the writing...but yeah, I'll be here.
>Jm> I've always been here.
>In article <5bvemv$dbg at>,  <slarty at> wrote:
>>There apparently are writer's grade voice-recognition software.  
>>Want more info ??
>Save your breath.  Joe's been over this ground before.  To quote
>JMS: "Dictating or voice recog doesn't work for me; I write through
>my fingers."

He's always said this, and it's understandable -- his subconscious is
hardwired to perceive words (or, in JMS's case, probably whole phrases) as
finger patterns, not wrist motions (as one would use in handwriting) or as
vocal patterns. However, I wonder if the time would come where his CTS
would get bad enough that he'd be willing to use the voice-recog for
online posts, and save his wrists for scripts, novels, etc.? 

We wouldn't get the wonderful essays he gifts us with on occasion, but at
least we still get answers.

Or, as my 74-year-old father says, "Getting old isn't for sissies" :-)

-- J.M. ("Jamie") Egolf


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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I can't use voice recognition stuff...I think through my fingers.


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