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Subject: Ratings for syndicated action shows
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From: nfitz at sentex.ca (Nicholas Fitzpatrick)
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Stolen from rec.arts.startrek.current!

"W. Bova" <krychek at io.com> wrote:

According to this ratings info, Deep Space Nine was first overall in the
syndicated action hours and in all demographics for the fall period.  So
for all those naysayers that trumpet the dropping ratings for Star

>From Broadcasting and Cable, January 6, 1997, Page 52

Top Action Hours
(ranked by household)

Show                    HH      A18-34  A18-49  A25-54

Star Trek: DS9          6.5       4.2    4.9     5.1
Hercules                6.2       3.8    4.0     4.1
Xena                    6.1       3.7    3.8     3.9
Baywatch                4.5       2.3    2.3     2.4
Outer Limits            3.9       2.3    2.6     2.7
Babylon 5               3.7       2.4    2.8     2.8
Highlander              3.1       2.0    2.2     2.3
Sinbad                  3.1       1.7    1.8     1.7
F/X: The Series         3.0       1.4    1.7     1.8
Baywatch Nights         2.8       1.5    1.5     1.6 

Source Nielsen Syndication Service, Sept 2-Dec 8, 1996  GAA where

HH - Household ratings
A18-34,A18-49,A25-54 - Adult demographics ratings for listed age groups.

Other shows mentioned in the article with A18-49 ratings were Viper
(1.6), Psi Factor (1.6), Poltergeist,Two and The Cape at 1.2 to 1.5, and
Tarzan at 1.0 for the A18-49 demographic.


Hmm, look at Babylon-5's numbers for the lucrative$$$ A18-34,A18-49,A25-54
ratings. It beats Baywatch!!!

Nicholas Fitzpatrick (nfitz at sentex.ca)


From: cmdrselek at juno.com (Jonathan M Donenberg)
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>From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
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>DS9 is still toward the top of the ratings, but the "naysayers" are
>correct about the decline in actual numbers.  (And DS9 does fall below
>Xena and Hercules in many cases, btw.)
>Here are the Neilsen figures for DS9 for the last several quarters:
>4th quarter 95: 7.1
>1st quarter 96: 6.7
>2nd quarter 96: 5.9
>3rd quarter 96: 4.8
>The jump in 4th quarter 96 is apparently due to a lot of new eps 
>and some stunting...the Tribbles episode and the like.
>By comprison, here are B5's numbers of the last number of quarters:
>3rd quarter 95: 2.7
>4th quarter 95: 2.9
>1st quarter 96: 3.0
>2nd quarter 96: 3.1
>3rd quarter 96: (being retablulated for some errors)
>4th quarter 96: 3.6
>DS9's season-to-date average has gone from 6.8 to 6.1.
>B5's STD average has gone from 3.0 to 3.3.
>And our demographics continue to be better than DS9.
>This isn't a qualitative statement, only to confirm what has been 
>that DS9's ratings have been declining (also noted by the trades, 
>have found drops from 18% to 20% for both the ST shows) and that B5's
>ratings have been growing during the same period of time.
True, but I think that you're going back too far. The fact is, DS9's
ratings WERE dropping, at one point going from 7.1 to 4.8, but now they
are on the rise, from 4.8 to 6.5 in just one quarter. Of course, B5 has
been rising since DS9 was falling, but currently, they're both on the
rise. Someone should tell me why someone like me can't like B5 AND DS9
without having to defend one or the other; I like 'em both, don't shoot

p.s.- BTW, BOTH shows beat out Baywatch Nights......So someone should let
Hasslehoff know he's not wanted <G>


From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
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To confirm demographics...this stuff is usually in detailed form in the
networks hands, but places like Broadcasting Magazine often do updates on
it as well.


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