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Subject: JMS to Appear on IRC [97 jan 22]
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"The Great Maker," J. Michael Straczynski, will be joining us for a live
chat Thursday, January 22 at 7PM PST for a live event!  "The Gathering"
will be located on the Warner Bros. IRC Server at port
6667.  More isntructions will also be placed onthe Official Babylon 5 Web
Site at

We have upgraded our server to handle more connections, but be sure to
come early, as seats will be filling up.

This will be a semi-moderated event, with details on question-asking
placed in the MOTD.  BE SURE TO READ IT!

Thanks, and "be seeing you!"


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Hang on, though...I just found out tonight that they have a maximum
capacity of 250 on this thing, and I'm determined not to have another
debacle like the last one.  So this may not come off.


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