Intersections in Real Time ( *Spoilers* )

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"Also, didn't advance reports on this episode describe it as taking place
literally in "real time", with the hour episode covering just one hour in
the characters' lives?"

Yes, those were in the spoiler pieces people were posting around the nets.

Those have little or nothing to do with me, or the reality of the show, on
the average day, so I really can't comment...except to note that I hate
the goddamned things because it seems like I constantly get hit with grief
from people who read the things, get a faulty idea about something, then
come yell at me about it...then when the show airs, go "Oh..." and realize
their information was wrong.  And then there are the cases when I have to
go and explain why it wasn't like the spoiler.

Just grumpy...I got hit with this earlier today.

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